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Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel – 29.5” Diameter

Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel – 29.5” Diameter

When it comes to our kitties, we learn to either live with their random zoomies,

Or purely laugh as they skid around the floor while losing traction at high speeds!

With the spin kitty exerciser wheel, your pet is free

To run as fast as they want and for how long as they want!

This wheel is a great way to reduce boredom and release all that energy,

Which is beneficial for their mental and physical health!

Doubles as a cat scratcher:

In addition to being an exerciser wheel, the spin kitty also serves as a cat scratcher.

The 29.5” diameter wheel is lined with sisal carpet on both the inside and outside.

This lining not only provides a secure grip for running,

But it’s also suitable for scratching as well!

  • Details

    Overall = 29.5” (w) x 13” (d) x 35.8” (h)

    Wheel = 29.5” (dia) x 8.7” (d)

    Base = 23.6” (w) x 13” (d) x 5.9” (h)

    Max weight capacity = 20 lbs.

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